Amazing Places To Visit In Nigeria

We all want peace of mind and it has been proven that having fun, site seeing and touring is a great way to relax, which brings peace of mind. I personally, like touring, going to new places and having fun, especially with friends or family.Visit Nigeria“I want to go round the world”, a lot of us say and want this, but truth be told, it’s expensive and most of us can’t afford it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go site seeing in your locality, it still would be much fun. This isn’t just for Nigerians, if you are outside Nigeria and have plans on visiting Nigeria in the nearest future, then read this article to the end for amazing places in Nigeria to visit.Nigeria, the giant of Africa, and the seventh most populated country in the world, is blessed with beautiful nature filled and man made places to visit. With the current corona virus pandemic, traveling has been banned both inter state and from other countries, so there is no way to go touring right now. But hopefully, we all get back to our normal lives sooner than later. So, here are few of the many places in Nigeria to visit;


One of the most visited parks in Nigeria, the Yankari National Park. The park is situated at Bauchi state, located in the heartland of West African Savannah. It is home to different natural, beautiful warm water springs, and also has a wide variety of flora & fauna.Yankari National ParkIt’s natural habitat makes it unique for tourists around the world and holiday makers to watch wildlife. In as much as we all use and like artificial stuff, we can’t but agree that there’s nothing as beautiful as what nature has to offer. Like said it is one of the biggest national Park in Nigeria, with lot of wildlife species, Lions, Buffalo, Hippos, Camels, Spotted Hyenas, Warthogs and many more can all be found in this amazing national park. For the bird lovers, the park is blessed with the Grey hornbills, Guinea Pigs, Cattle Egrets, Bee eaters, and many more.If you are a lover of nature then this is a great place to see in Nigeria. The park also has a taxidermy museum where you would see stuffed animals & lot of wildlife trophies like skins or hides, horns, ivory husks, etc. For my fellow sport lovers, tennis courts & squash courts are also present in the park. There are other different places to see in the Yankari National Park, like the natural blue crystal clear glassy warm Springs, marshall caves filled with rock paintings & other symbolic art works, for the art lovers. So, I think it’s high time you added Yankari National Park to one of the places you’d like to see, not just in Nigeria, but the world. Visit Yankari National Park.


The popular Olumo rock, is located in Abeokuta, Ogun state. The mountain is so high, it’s 137 metres above sea level. Olumo rock is one of most toured places in Ogun state & Nigeria. A museum, restaurants, beautiful water fountains can be found there as well.Olumo RockThe site has natural tunnels, unusual trees, gardens on the rocks, natural cantilevers, three escalators at the characteristic height of the rock & amongst all is an atmospheric view of the antique city of Abeokuta, from the apex of the rock. If you are a fan of nature, or likes collecting rocks, then this is a place for you to visit in Nigeria.


Nike art gallery, owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye, is one of the biggest art studio in West Africa.NIKE ART GALLERYThe gallery is filled with lot of artworks on display including, bead artworks, paintings, stone works & carvings, traditional loom weaving, indigo dyeing, embroidery, etc. This should be on your to-be list if you love art. Visit Nike Art Gallery.


Millennium Park, located in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. The park was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II of the UK on the 4th of December, 2003.The park is divided into two parts; one side of the park is covered up by uncontaminated nature, like bush woods & green houses for tropical & butterflies. The other part, is dedicated to the scientific knowledge of the natural environment. It has a very rigid & traditional Italian style garden layout. The park is surrounded by lot of night lights and beautiful water fountains. It’s an amazing place to relax and take a walk. Visit Millennium Park.


Tarkwa is a private beach located on an Island in Lagos. It is an unsheltered beach that can only be accessed by boats or ferries, due to it’s location on an island.Millennium ParkIt has really safe swimming conditions for people who love swimming, and if you can’t, then you can be lucky to learn that day, don’t be ashamed, it’s not a bad thing, I can’t swim either, LOL. Tarkwa bay also has other recreational water sports to partake in. So, you have a place to visit now during summer.


Wonderland amusement park, is the most equipped amusement park in Nigeria, also located in Abuja.WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK & RESORT, ABUJA.There really is no surprise as to why the park is the most equipped in Nigeria, considering the fact that it houses a world class recreation center, with amazing restaurants, a leisure garden and amongst all a fun city arcade. I know some people would say but this is a kid thing, well spoiler alert, the recreational center is equipped for both children and adults. Whenever I go to Abuja, I’m definitely going here.


LCC is located in Lekki pennisula, Lagos state. Lagos is well known to house the most fun places compared to other states in Nigeria.LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE.The conversation center is a reserve for wildlife, housing different animals like, bush bucks, Mona monkeys, crocodiles, giant rats, snakes, squirrels and many more. The conversation center also has the longest canopy walk in Africa, so you can always have a long romantic walk here. The conversation center also houses the famous 95-year old giant tortoise. So, the next time you’re in Lagos, be sure to check it out.


This is located in Ijesha, Osun state. This is one of the most visited water falls in Nigeria. When you see Erin Ijesha water falls, you see one hundred percent nature.ERIN IJESHA WATERFALLThe fall has seven layers of ascending with all the levels having breathing views & the freshness of the water is energising. VisitErin Ijesha Waterfall.


Terra kulture, another art gallery situated in Lagos. The studio is filled with lot of eye catching & amazing arts.TERRA KULTURE.With over 200 art exhibitors, 135 plays, 65 book reading, the studio also have a library with information about Nigeria & Africa. It also educates visitors on African culture, crafts & arts of different Nigerian ethnic. This is a place to be if you want to know more about Nigeria & Africa culture. So, you should consider visiting Terra Kulture.Other places to visit in Nigeria are:




So, there you have it, few of the many amazing places to visit in Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed naturally, so whenever you’re on vacation check these places out. If you’d like to visit any of these places, check out this travel agency. Stay tuned and subscribe to this blog to get more updates on Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Places To Visit In Nigeria

  1. Really nice read, I’m more anticipating to visit the LCC especially for it’s canopy.
    Visited olumo once, during my sec school Yoruba excursion, I almost fell from the highest point, damn it wasn’t a good experience to remember.


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